Sunday, April 6, 2008

Long Time

So I obviously have a lot of catching up to do, seeing that the last time I was on was over a month ago. we go!
I didn't do much other than school and home life. Well... I went to disneyland for one and a half days, which was the highlight of my life! Me and my dad have started a tradition of going to disneyland every year for presidents day weekend....its loads of fun ridding the Amtrak train with him, but next year, I'm going to take some friends with me...its kind of awkward standing in line by yourself, while everybody else is there with someone. I felt like a weirdy! haha. The end of February was exciting because I was reaching the prime old age of 17, wow, I'm old! As March 1 came closer and closer, and the cards and birthday wishes started rolling in, I really started to feel my age....I didn't want to be this old. But I accepted it, somehow.


As I said, I started this month out celebrating my birthday. This was an especially good birthday because I just came out of the hospital after completing my first trial of open heart surgery. But not really, of course. My birthday this year was an average boring one, creating a feeling of being loved by all. Just kidding, I really did have fun, guys!
The next week was spring break. My mother and I spend this break together bonding together in our illness throughout the week. I had stayed healthy all winter, and in march we both got sick. Ya, it sucked to say the least. We went to Pueblo and I discovered the wonders of the store Ross. After that week, we had a week of school, which was a dread, obviously! The week after that was the week scheduled for CSAP, but due to the salmonella outbreak in our water, school was shut down for a whole week, giving us students time to sit back, be lazy, and/or volunteer with the red cross. Thats what we did on that wednesday with the church. So from 3 to 6, we filled up hundreds of gallons of water jugs, and had to be anti-personable, do the the national guard personnel that were, just kidding, they were cool! This brings me to April


This month is PACKED!! Started the month off with CSAP all week, uhhh, dread of my life! But I am done with it for ever! Hallelujah! In the middle of the week, acually Tuesday, I got my left toenail removed, partially. I had an ingrown toenail since I went to disneyland, and I figured I ought to get it tooken care of....and ya, its gross. So, ya. I'm participating in fiddler on the roof, and because of the salmonella, we had to post-pone it a week. So that week, that same week, we had 6-9 rehearsals, running through everything, but it will be good, I hope. Now to the present time...
As I ready for this week, I see that I have much going on....haha. I have dress rehearsals form 6-? everynight, contest on Thursday, Fiddler on the Roof Sat and Sun, then sing in church on Sunday. Its not done; Then I go back to school for three days, leave wednesday night to colorado springs, fly out of denver thursday morning, arive in NYC thursday afternoon, and am busy ever minute we are there. Let me take a step back for some of you. Our show choir of 24 was invited last year to sing in Carnegie Hall, we, realizing the wonderful opportunity, accepted. We have been busy all year trying to raise $50,000, thinking that we would only raise half of that amount, expecting to pay the other half. But thanks to grants and amazing people who donated money, we have surpassed that amound, letting us extend our trip another day. Anyway, we perform in Carnegie Hall, the most prestigious music hall, on sunday...I'm stoked to say the least! I'll miss a couple days of school, but its something I'm willing to do...haha. Then, things calm down, and I'm on the normal schedual. I'll try to remember to put photos up here of my trip!
So, I believe that about sums it up for about two months!

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Roger said...

wow, sounds like you have had a lot going on. We get to see you in the play this saturday!!! Woo Woo! Take care